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At FRX, we believe Medical Cannabis will light the path to a compassionate and sustainable future. That’s why we go a step beyond in everything we do. 

It starts with our commitment to organic Medical Cannabis cultivation and beyond bottom‑line business practices. Profit only pays if it serves the patients at our Ohio dispensaries, their communities, and the planet. 

At FRX, we always strive to do better than we did yesterday. Our mission is to build a brighter tomorrow for Medical Cannabis in Ohio — from our Medical Cannabis farms in Ohio, to our Ohio dispensaries, to your Ohio communities.

FRX farms, Medical Cannabis products, and dispensaries are the future of Medical Cannabis in Ohio.

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FRX goes beyond organic to provide our patients with the best Medical Cannabis in Ohio. We use Living Soil with beneficial bacteria, so we never need synthetic pesticides or fungicides. We also feed our plants organic teas so that they fully express their cannabinoids and terpenes.

Environment is also vital to plant health. So, we obsessively monitor the conditions in our grows, including humidity, airflow, temperature, light intensity, CO2, and soil nutrient levels. When it’s time to harvest, we hand-pick to protect the delicate trichomes and hang dry until the plant reaches its peak. Then, we carefully hand-trim every nug to create a premium, craft-flower experience you can see and taste.

FRX also pours the same devotion and attention to detail into making our house brands, such as Open Mind Gummies and Harmony, and our selections of vapes, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, and topicals are unmatched. Likewise, we put our patient’s health, comfort, and convenience first. Our Wellness Consultants are your friendly Medical Cannabis experts, always happy to work with you and help you find exactly what you need.

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Medical Cannabis Deals Deals Deals & Discounts

FRX also believes in providing the best Medical Cannabis deals and discounts. We make it our mission to offer incredible value to all our patients:

Weekly Vendor Savings:

  • Tuesday – 30% off all Ancient Roots!
  • Wednesday – 30% off all GTI!
  • Thursday – 20% off all Buckeye Relief!
  • Friday – 30% off Certified Cultivators!
  • Saturday – 30% off all Pure Ohio Wellness!
  • Sunday – 30% Off Ascension!
  • Monday – 20% off all Buckeye Relief!

Everyday Savings:

East Liverpool:

  • Monday – 20% off edibles
  • Tuesday – 20% off all flower!
  • Wednesday – 20% off all vapes and concentrates!
  • Saturday – 30% off FRX



  • Monday – 20% off edibles
  • Tuesday – 20% off all flower!
  • Wednesday – 20% off all vapes and concentrates!
  • Thursday – 40% off FRX Thursdays

Additional Savings:

  • Veteran Status – Save 30% every day!
  • Industry Status – Save 30% every day!
  • Indigent Status – Save 30% every day!

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Dispensary FAQ FAQ FAQ

FRX goes a step beyond in everything we do, from how we cultivate our Medical Cannabis to customer service to putting people and the planet before profit.

FRX dispensaries are in East Liverpool, Elyria, and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

We sure do. Just check out our Savings Page!

Anyone with a valid Ohio Medical Marijuana Card.

Yes. You need a valid State-issued Ohio Photo ID and an active Ohio MMJ card.

It depends on the product. High-end concentrates can sell for as much as $70 a gram. Some flower costs as much as 130$ for a half ounce and as little as $25 for a tenth.

Ohio patients are required to pay 7.25 % sales tax in Columbiana County, 6.5% in Lorain County, and 6.75% in Summit County.

There is no easy answer here. The rule is that you can buy 45 days worth of Medical Cannabis every 46 days. That said, this is highly variable based on the route of administration (vape, edible, etc.) and the amount of THC in each product purchased. So, if you have questions, just ask, and we will tell you where your order stands regarding purchase limits. 

In the privacy of your home.

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