What Makes FRX Dispensaries Different? 

FRX Dispensaries is different because we’re all about creating the best possible patient experience with our commitment to innovation, education, and customer service.

Where Are FRX Dispensaries located? 

There are three FRX Dispensaries locations in Ohio. East Liverpool – Cuyahoga Falls – Elyria.

Can I use a debit card at FRX Dispensaries? 

For now, we are cash-only with ATMs on site. We’ve partnered with Salt Payments to enhance your experience and give you the option to have a Debit Card transaction. We will be live any day now and are excited to let you know more. Stay tuned!

Do I need to be a certain age to consume Medical Cannabis in Ohio? 

Yes. You must be 18 with a Medical Marijuana Card issued by the State Of Ohio. (unless a medical card is approved for 18 and under, but this is very rare).

Who can legally consume medical marijuana in Ohio? 

Ohio citizens that are 18 with a Medical Marijuana Card issued by the State Of Ohio.

Do I need to show I.D. to purchase medical marijuana at FRX Dispensaries?

Yes. You will be required to provide a current state ID. We cannot accept any expired IDs.

How much Medical Cannabis can I legally buy in Ohio?

Ohio issues a 90-day recommendation. Those are split into two 45-day fill periods. In each 45-day fill period, a patient may purchase up to a 45-day supply of medical marijuana, regardless of when purchases are made within the 45-day fill period. For example, if a patient comes in on Day 25 of their 45-day window, and has not purchased any products during the fill period, that patient may purchase up to a 45-day supply of medical marijuana.

How much are the taxes for Medical Cannabis in Ohio?

There is currently no excise tax on medical marijuana in Ohio. Patients are subjected to regular state (5.25%) and local sales tax (0.25 – 2.25%). Currently, Elyria is 6.5%, Cuyahoga Falls is 6.75% and East Liverpool is 7.25%.

How much does Medical Cannabis cost at FRX Dispensaries?

Prices vary by product and Cultivator. FRX always puts patients first and we offer the best pricing possible in the state.

Where can I legally consume medical marijuana in Ohio?

Medical marijuana can be used in the patient’s home without fear of repercussions and, generally, with the consent of the owner in another private place.

Do I need a medical card to buy Medical Cannabis products?

Yes, you do. Schedule a free consultation with Joe, our Pharmacies Director, to determine if Medical Marijuana is right for you and to learn the best way to use Medical Marijuana to suit your needs.

Does FRX Dispensaries Dispensary offer deals and discounts?

We do! Check out our daily deals and specials. We offer Veteran, Indigent, and Industry peers 30% off every day. *Discounts do not stack unless specifically stated.

Does FRX Dispensaries offer Medical Cannabis delivery?

We do not. Medical Cannabis delivery is not legal in Ohio.

Does FRX Dispensaries offer Curb Side Pick-Up or Drive-Thru?

We sure do. Check out our 3 locations to see what each offers. We’re here to help in any way we can.

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